Cooling Cucumber Facial Toner

Hi! Summer is nearly over, but the heat and humidity haven’t died down a bit! The humidity is affecting my skin, leaving it feeling greasy and giving it a non-so-pleasant texture. It seems that no matter what I do, by mid-day, my face is slick. So I figured I’d experiment with some ingredients to come […]

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DIY Peel-Off Charcoal Face Mask

Good morning, loves! I’ve seen a huge trend with peel-off masks lately, but I haven’t quite hopped on board. I’ve definitely tried them, but I just haven’t committed to buying my own. I always end up buying an entire bottle of a face mask, just to use it a few times and buy another kind. […]

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DIY Natural Acne Gel

Hi pals! How are ya?! I hope you answered “wonderful!”, or another positive response! I’ve been doing wonderfully myself! I’ve somehow found a random burst of energy and productivity, so I’ve been keeping myself very busy with a secret project (that you’ll soon see!). I’m super pumped for the natural DIY that I have for […]

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