Dandelion Root Facial Toner Mist

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I’m super excited to share that I have recently started taking a few online courses in natural holistic remedies. Living a more natural lifestyle is something I’m extremely passionate about so I couldn’t be happier to have the opportunity to take these courses. Not only am I being taught a lot of fascinating information, but I’ve also come up with a lot of content ideas to share as a result.

Today, I’m sharing this Dandelion Root Facial Toning Mist. Dandelion has so many powerful benefits for our bodies ranging from digestion to diabetes to skincare. For our skin, dandelion can help clear our skin of acne, warts, boils and calluses, and it can even help heal sunburn and rashes. As someone who has suffered from various forms of acne for years, I knew I needed to incorporate dandelion into my routine!


Brew the dandelion-root tea in purified water, according to the instructions on your tea box and allow the tea to cool.

While the tea is cooling, pour 1 tbsp. of witch hazel into the spray bottle and add in 20 drops of frankincense essential oil. Once the tea has cooled, top off the bottle with the brewed tea.

To use, simply mist your face with the facial toning mist, or spray on a cotton round and wipe on your face. This mist does have a bizarre smell at first, but it goes away within a minute or so, after you’ve applied the rest of your skincare products!

You can also try this recipe with other teas or essential oils if desired. There are so many different teas and essential oils that provide unique benefits for our skin, so it’s easy to customize this facial toning mist to match the condition of your skin.

Let me know if you try this toner or if you choose a different tea and essential oil combination – I can’t wait to hear how it turns out for you!



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