DIY Lavender-Honey Oatmeal Soap

Good afternoon, sweet friends!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend! I’m recovering from a long drive back from an amazing weekend in Chicago. I spent the weekend surrounded by strong, inspiring and passionate friends on an intern retreat through my favorite organization – CHAARG. My heart is so full. I wish I took more pictures but this weekend was so packed and so fast-paced (as one should expect from a weekend in Chicago).

Anyway, I have a super easy recipe for an all-natural soap recipe that smells amazing and is so wonderful for our skin. The combination of oats, honey and lavender is full of anti-inflammatory and skin-soothing benefits.


Begin by melting your soap base. You can use a double boiler on the stove or you can microwave your base in 30 second increments until melted. While you’re melting your base, quickly pulse the oats in a blender or food processor to get your desired texture. I prefer to have a varying texture with fine oat bits and fuller oat pieces.

Once your base is melted, pour in the honey, lavender, and oats. Stir until thoroughly combined.

Pour the soap mixture into a silicone soap mold and let sit. DON’T touch the soap once it’s in the mold. The slightest amount of movement in the soap will add weird creases and cracks in the soap. You can place the soap molds on a cookie sheet before pouring if you anticipate that you’ll have to relocate the soap while it sets.

Allow the soap to cool and harden for a few hours before removing from the mold. Because we used a pre-made soap base, we don’t have to let the soap set for a long period of time (most homemade soap recipes require weeks to months of down time). This soap is ready to use after a few short hours!

I love the sent of this soap, and the fact that I know the ingredients that I’m putting on my body.

What are your favorite soap scents?



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