Subscription Saturday: Uplift

Hi friends!

Welcome to another week of my Subscription Saturday series! I went over the details behind this series this post! Just to refresh you, here’s a little tidbit from that post on what you should expect:

“I’ll be sharing those [gift and subscription services] that align with health or wellness in some form or another. So you’ll see a wide range of boxes that offer organic and/or natural products, that promote a healthy and active lifestyle, that support mental, spiritual or emotional wellness, that bring awareness to a good cause, and that are locally sourced and support small businesses.”

This week, I’m sharing Uplift Box! Uplift is an adorable box that comes with delicately curated products that surround the idea of wellness. The products in these boxes are known to boost well-being, and they’re paired with things like journal prompts, intentions, mantras and yoga poses. Each box contains 3-5 full size items, and often extra goodies too! The products are not only great for us, but for the environment as well!

Uplift was created by Amy, an art therapist and energy healer. Her goal with these boxes are to help people feel better, happier, and calmer. Amy understands that balance is extremely important between life, work, relationships and self-care, and makes sure to show that within these boxes.

In my box, I received:

  • An intentional essential oil roller
  • Hand painted mantra cards with a healing stone
  • Hand-poured beeswax intention candle with matches
  • Dry-erase magnet & marker for daily intention setting
  • Well-being cards (wrapped in herb-seeded paper ready to be planted!)

Upon opening the box, it’s very clear that these are packed with love and care. I caught myself smiling each time I pulled an item from the box. Everything was so unique and I definitely felt uplifted as I looked through everything. There were so many different products in the box that each promotes the idea of wellness in their own way, and there were so many little details that were thoughtfully carried out.

I loved every product in this box, but I think I would have to say that the beeswax intention candle was my favorite! This beeswax candle is made from 100% pure beeswax and is Reiki charged. How cool?? I love that this candle came with a card that explains why beeswax makes amazing candles. Did you know that beeswax produces negative ions that help rid the air of odors, dust and allergens? It’s basically a pure, natural air purifier!

Be sure to browse the Uplift website and blog, and check out their Instagram and Facebook accounts while you’re at it!

What are some of your favorite wellness products? I can’t wait to hear about them!



** I did receive this box for free in exchange for a review. All thoughts, opinions and images are my own.**

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