You Feel Better When You Dress Better

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Sometimes I’ll listen to pod casts and audio books on my long drives to and from classes and work. Not too long ago, I was listening to “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” – it brought something to my attention and I wanted to share with you all what I heard and what I took from it.

The author (or I guess the person reading the book aloud) said “If you always dress in sweatpants, you’ll begin to look like you belong in sweatpants”. At first, I was slightly offended, thinking Who does this woman think she is telling people what they should or shouldn’t wear?? She has no right… But then I thought about it while reflecting on my own life a little bit. Wait… She actually may be right… 

You see, I had been feeling not-so-great about how I looked. I felt like I looked sloppy. My skin was always flaring up, my hair always frizzy, and I was always dressed in leggings and sweatshirts. I’m going to be completely honest here and admit that I felt… ugly. I realized that by not taking pride in myself by dressing myself in clothes that allow me to look and feel confident, I wasn’t taking care of other aspects of my life like my hair and skin, almost like I felt like I didn’t deserve to look good. And it started to really show.

So I challenged myself. I challenged myself to not wear leggings outside the house for an entire week. While I did wear leggings a time or two, I ended up wearing jeans even more after the week was over. And I felt great in them. I was taking better care of myself and my overall appearance. Not only did I feel like I looked better, but I felt happier and I felt more respected. I felt more confident to approach people and situations. I felt proud.

It’s definitely true that when you dress better, you feel better. I encourage all of you to put your best foot forward by dressing like you care. You’ll feel so much better, knowing that you put effort into yourself.

Something that really helped me feel like I was putting pride in myself was rocking this stunning watch from JORD (HUGE shout out to my best friend for being my photographer for the day and helping to capture how gorgeous this watch is). I can’t stop staring at it. It’s like this watch was made for me – the face is in one of my favorite colors and the wood gives it a very natural vibe (The style is Frankie 35 in Dark Sandalwood & Mint). It was a great conversation piece and I felt great while wearing it! It’s wild how a small accessory has such a powerful impact on how you feel and how you look.

I would strongly recommend that you check out the super cool watches that JORD offers – whether it’s for you or as a gift for a loved one [you know, Valentine’s day is right around the corner ; ) ]. The watches are high quality, durable and they look great. These hand-crafted, luxury men’s and women’s watches come in a variety of styles and colors so anyone can find their perfect match. These watches also come protected in a luxurious box to help them last a lifetime!

I have something exciting to share – JORD is hosting a giveaway for all of you! Everyone who enters will be entered to win a $100 gift code to use on the JORD site. 1 person will win, but everyone else will receive a $25 gift code just for entering! The giveaway ends on January 29th so be sure to enter so you can “dress to impress” with one of their beautiful watches! (Once the contest is over, JORD will send your codes and you’ll have until April 30th to use them!) Click here to head over to the webpage to enter the giveaway!



Luxury Wooden Watch

*I received this watch for free in exchange for a featured post. All opinions are 100% honest and my own.*

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  1. Oh this watch is so cute! The teal colour is beautiful. When I put effort into my appearance I start to feel better about myself. Even something as simple as washing my hair and blow drying it.

  2. Great looking watch. I don’t think it takes much and a person doesn’t have to look all out everyday. Dressing nice, putting on some make up and adding accessory make anyone feel better.

  3. I loved this post. It’s so true. I work from home so it’s really easy for me to slide into sweatpants mode .. but always feel better when I take an extra 5 minutes to look through my closet for something else. Thank-you so much for sharing!

    1. Thanks Ali! I agree, when you work from home (or when you have the day off) it’s so easy to throw on whatever you find but actually taking a few extra minutes can change your whole day!

  4. Sadly I live in sweatpants and tshirts about 90% of the time. I work from home as well as blog so what’s the point of getting all dressed up but then again when I do I feel wonderful, almost human again. I really should do it more often, it really is an uplifting feeling.

    1. I used to think the same thing (especially as a college student who wants to spend extra time sleeping in) but once I realized what kind of difference it makes, my attitude about dressing nicer totally changed!

  5. I also live in sweatpants and tshirts most of the time when I’m at home. I do dress nice when I have a subbing job, and it’s true that I do feel better in my nice clothes. It’s just hard to find nice clothes to wear every day.

    1. I agree – I have such a hard time putting on something decent when I’m home all day. But even putting on jeans instead of leggings makes me feel much more productive and happy overall!

  6. the watch its so cute!!!you are so right we should dress better to make us feel better or pretty. we should dress for us i do have a better attitude and feel even happier when i dress than when i spent the day in pijamas or sweatpants

  7. This is so true! I think about it as if I am going to get dressed for an interview. If you go in sweatpants then you’re probably not going to feel very confident, but going in the best you, you’ll have more confidence to conquer your day!

    1. I’ve been thinking like this lately! Now that I’m a candidate for graduate programs, I’ve been dressing nicer in case I run into someone on campus! I’ll feel more put together and confident to talk to them!

  8. Ok I have been going back and forth if I should buy a Jord watch. I just love wood watches. I think you just convince me tonight and that $25 is added bonus. Thank you for sharing

  9. I agree with everything you wrote. I don’t really focus on my clothing and sometimes I don’t feel very confident around people. Of course it’s not the only reason, but let’s be honest: good looking is really important. I don’t really have many clothes to choose from, maybe it’s time to change it?:)

  10. Love the Jord watches by the way! I could not agree more, when my house is tidy and I’m dressed up with care, everything in the world seems brighter. Since starting our blog, I have so many days a week I look like and absolute dosser! I even accidentally wore my bedroom slippers to the shop, ugh! I have a closets full of clothes and beauty products and realize it only takes a few moments to pull yourself together. I feel better when I get my self looking presentable. My fiance commented on all my nice clothes that he has ever seen me wear! To rectify this I am working on a project called what’s in my closet challenge and hope to launch next month. I am challenging myself and everyone to wear every item in my closet or your closet. I think I can actually get through a month without wearing the same thing twice. Then decide what to keep and what not to keep. By doing this you are keeping yourself dressed nice and tidying out your closet of stuff you most likely will never wear again, or you may discover a new favorite that you forgot about.

    1. Thanks Michelle! I had fallen into that routine for YEARS. I still love my leggings but they just don’t make me feel quite as put together.

  11. I think you’re right it can just be so difficult to change sometimes especially when you’re busy and running around a lot. I find as a mom it’s also a challenge because if I wear something nice my son is going to sneeze on it, spill something on it etc. Love the turquoise colour of the watch face. So pretty!

  12. This is true when we feel good it carries us throughout our day. Especially when we have that one piece that makes our outfit complete.

  13. You’re right – getting dressed does make all the difference. Although for me, jeans are horribly uncomfortable and tend to make me feel worse – I love dressing up a cute pair of leggings with a pretty tunic, or if I need something warmer, then I’ll go for thicker jeggings. I don’t wear a watch, but I do like to wear beaded jewelry sometimes.

  14. This is absolutyle true!! I guess that’s why they say: No matter how you feel, get up, dress up and show up!! Excellent reminder! 🙂

  15. I have been looking at these Jord watched for months. They are gorgeous I need to bite the bullet and buy one. Great post I agree when we look our best we feel pretty damn good about ourselves

  16. I got into a habit of wearing leggings and tunics or long sweaters at my previous job, kind of as a way to rebel against my boss and the dumb dress code that she implemented (we could wear leggings, but not jeans). I took that habit with me to my new job and they don’t really care what we wear as long as we look okay, but there is a huge different in how I look and feel when I’m not wearing leggings. It took me a couple months to realize that, though. I’ve also found that I feel more productive and motivated when I’m wearing “real” clothes, so that’s been an added bonus!

  17. I remember when I was always wearing pajamas in our house the whole day it makes me more lazy when I see myself like that in the mirror. I really bad not taking care of my skin and everything. It really feels good when you see a better reflection of yourself in the mirror.

  18. I cant stress enough on the importance of dressing well – totally agree that it makes you feel better. I guess it sorta attracts ‘good vibes’ or something. It happens to me at work. I make extra effort on days when I got a big meeting or presentation for that add-on confidence boost.

    Nice watch, btw 🙂

  19. This was a great read and I couldn’t agree more. I feel like a totally different person when I dress up and I’m treated differently and looked at differently. I think we should all be our best selves.

  20. Since I quit my day job, I’ve found myself in sweats and my hair in a ponytail. I honestly do not feel as pretty or energetic this way. Thanks for the prompt to start dressing up as if I were going somewhere.

  21. That’s a pretty interesting statement. I work from home so my attire is normally pj’s but I definitely agree that dressing better can make you feel better. Every now and then I like to get out of those Pj’s.

  22. I think slightly dressing up for the day makes one FEEL ready for the day, even if the day just consists of home tasks. When I stay in PJs or loungewear all day, I find I am so much more unproductive!

  23. Totally agree.. I started to get almost fully dressed when working from home. Sitting on your desk in ‘normal’ clothes makes everything lots more efficient 🙂

    Nadine Cathleen |

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