Skin-Nourishing Under Eye Serum

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A few weeks ago, I noticed something that we all hope to never see… fine lines under my eyes. Not only was I shocked to see these little lines (that are probably so fine that no other soul would even be able to see), but I was mortified. I still have a week before I turn 22, so how on Earth do I have teeny wrinkles already?? Okay, I know how I got them. Probably a combination of too much sun, not wearing sunglasses enough, and most likely needing glasses for driving (or in other words, I do a whole lot of squinting).

I’ve read that you should start using eye creams and serums when you’re in your twenties, but I always thought that meant like your last year of being twenty… not your early twenties. Anyway, I went into panic mode and decided that right then and there, I needed to start putting something under my eyes. I didn’t have time to run to Ulta or Sephora, and you know I’m a nerd for essential oils, so you can probably guess what I decided to do. Yep, I made an under-eye serum! I whipped out my handy-dandy essential oil book, and began to sort through to find which oils wold make the perfect under-eye serum.

I’m not joking when I say this stuff is actually pretty effective. While I do still have a few lines, I don’t have any bags or dark circles, and the skin around my eyes looks more supple, which gives the appearance of fewer lines. This serum is also very hydrating. While I’m sure there are $100 miracle creams that make you wake up looking like a fetus, I’m perfectly content with my inexpensive, natural, and effective serum.


Pop open your roller bottle, and add the lavender, frankincense, cypress, and geranium essential oils. Pour in the teaspoon of Vitamin E oil, and then top off with a carrier oil of your choice. Cap the bottle and shake to combine.

Roll this under your eyes after washing your face. You can use in the morning and/or evening.

The combination of these oils are great for soothing skin, improving the tone and texture of skin, and they are common oils for mature skin (which I now have, apparently). Vitamin E oil is also extremely nourishing for your skin, and the carrier oil will not only help the serum to glide on easily, but it provides hydrating benefits as well.

What’s your remedy for fine lines under your eyes?




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