Subscription Saturday: Merkaela

Hi cuties!

Welcome to another week of my Subscription Saturday series! I went over the details behind this series this post! Just to refresh you, here’s a little tidbit from that post on what you should expect:

“I’ll be sharing those [gift and subscription services] that align with health or wellness in some form or another. So you’ll see a wide range of boxes that offer organic and/or natural products, that promote a healthy and active lifestyle, that support mental, spiritual or emotional wellness, that bring awareness to a good cause, and that are locally sourced and support small businesses.”

This week, I’m coming to ya with one of the most beautiful boxes I’ve ever seen from Merkaela. Merkaela is a quarterly subscription service that believes that the products you use should be nourishing to you, and be good for the environment. Their all-natural health and wellness products are made with wholesome ingredients that you can actually read and pronounce. Not only are they good for our bodies, but for our mind and spirit as well!

Four times per year, Merkaela comes out with a new theme-based collection of wellness products. This includes things like palo santo, body butters, tea, mantras, special playlists and so much more. All of the products are wonderful for our mind, body, spirit, or all three! As someone with a holistic lifestyle blog, I love their holistic approach to beauty and wellness!

With Merkaela, you’re given the opportunity to become centered and to find your balance through natural, organic and chemical-free products. I love that their products are ethically sourced from all over the world, and crafted with the environment in mind. Their packaging is recyclable, so they’re helping you reduce your carbon footprint! Have I mentioned that they also donate a percentage of their proceeds to environmental support programs? How amazing is that??

In my beautiful bloom-themed box, I received the following products:

  • Lemongrass Castile Soap
  • Divine Rose Bath
  • Jasmine Secret Garden Tea
  • Rosemary Lavender Spiritual Elixir
  • Lavender & Rose Body Butter
  • Palo Santo Smudge Stick
  • Green Adventurine Triangle Pendant
  • Mantra Card
  • Bloom-Themed Playlist

When I first opened the box, I’m not even kidding when I say this… I felt as if I was having a truly spiritual experience. It’s as though this box was made for me. From the gorgeous packaging to the natural products, I loved every single thing. Every single detail was thought about here, and I couldn’t help but feel mesmerized as I was looking through everything. The meditation spray, the palo santo stick, the tea… All perfect. The box even came with the most meditative playlist! Even now, I still feel so balanced when I reach for one of their products!

Don’t forget to stop by Merkaela’s website (their blog is amazing!) and their Instagram, Facebook and Twitter! I hope you’ll fall in love with them as much as I have!




** I received this product for free in exchange for a blog post. Images and thoughts are all my own.**

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