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I’m sure the title of this post caught you off guard. Subscription Saturday? Yep! Subscription Saturday is a brand new day around here at Naturally, Ari. I’ve recently stumbled across some subscription services that promote a healthy lifestyle and I was so shocked that these even existed! I thought most subscription boxes and services were for makeup products or for your pets! But there are actually A LOT of health and wellness based gift and subscription services – and it can actually be overwhelming to sort through them all. Because I’m intrigued by so many of these boxes, and because I consider my website to have a health and wellness background, I thought I would start a series about these gift and subscription services.

I’m not going to share just any subscription service – I’m a little picky. I’ll be sharing those that align with health or wellness in some form or another. So you’ll see a wide range of boxes that offer organic and/or natural products, that promote a healthy and active lifestyle, that support mental, spiritual or emotional wellness, that bring awareness to a good cause, and that are locally sourced and support small businesses. I can’t wait to see where this series takes us – maybe you’ll find the perfect subscription service for your lifestyle! And if you ever stumble across a gift or subscription service that you think will be a perfect fit for this series, don’t hesitate to share!

This first week, I’ll be sharing a gift box from My Heart Is In. My Heart Is In is a company that was started by 3 friends right from my home state, Ohio. These 3 friends wanted to send some of their favorite local items to their friends and family all over the country. This idea quickly caught on and now My Heart Is In uses the help of locals in each state to carefully curate these gift boxes with some of the best local items.

Each box includes at least 5 handpicked items that embody the local life of each state. Every item is from a local artist, artisan or entrepreneur. They range from items for your home, to food, to fun state themed items. Because there are so many different local shops in each state, My Heart Is In will regularly switch up the items in each box so they can support many different local artists, artisans and entrepreneurs. Each box has beautiful packaging (I’m obsessed!) that is specially customized for each state, and is sent off to your loved ones. Because My Heart Is In is a gift service, you can purchase boxes for you or your loved ones whenever you would like, and you aren’t tied down to any monthly fee. Each box is $50 but continue reading so you can find out how to get a little $$ off. ; )

When my box first arrived, it came in a plain, brown box to ensure that the actual gift box wasn’t damaged. The packaging of the gift box was amazing and I was instantly greeted with a very enticing scent. I opened my box to find several goodies, some of which were new to me, and others that are state-wide favorites. Here’s what I received in my box from My Heart Is In.

Ink & Co. Peace Love Tea Towel

Ink & Co. is a local company that was started by couple that wanted to design vintage, unique, one of a kind products for each of their customers. This Peace Love Ohio tea towel is absolutely adorable (and I love their other tea towels as well!). Ink & Co. is a company that was entirely new to me, but I’m so excited to be on the lookout for their products when I’m out and about in the city.

Honeyrun Farm Raw Cinnamon Honey

Honeyrun Farm is a company that I’ve never purchased anything from, but I definitely recognize. I recognize their logo from the bee pollen containers at my local juice and smoothie places. I love honey (and think it’s extremely important to buy local, raw honey). This cinnamon honey smells so incredible and I can’t wait to add it to smoothies and healthy sweets!

A Wooden Ohio Shaped Cutout

If you’re not from Ohio, you should know that there’s nothing Ohioans love more than our Ohio State Buckeyes and things shaped like our state. I love this little wooden cutout and I’m so excited to get crafty with it! I definitely want to paint something on it – I just can’t decide if I want to paint a quote onto it, or stick to our scarlet and gray theme! Any ideas??

An Ohio Shaped Necklace Charm

I was so excited to see a little Ohio shaped charm! I had an Ohio necklace not too long ago, but during a series of unfortunate events, I accidentally broke the chain and lost the charm. I can’t wait to throw this charm on a chain and have another Ohio necklace! Or maybe I’ll turn this one into a bracelet…?

Silver Birch Soap Co. Euphoria Body Soap

This soap is hands-down my favorite item from the box. When I first opened my box, I smelled the most incredible scent and quickly learned that it was from this soap. I want to hold this soap up to my nose 24/7. If there was a perfume that was scented like this soap, I can guarantee that it would be my “signature scent”.

Cheryl’s Co. Easter Cookies

Cheryl’s is a company that I’m very familiar with. I grew up eating Cheryl’s cookies. They have a store in one of our shopping centers, and some people used to even pass them out during trick-or-treat instead of candy! Although I was unable to eat it because I’m on a sugar detox, I definitely had vivid memories of eating them as a kid and teenager. You can order Cheryl’s cookies online and have them sent as gifts for people. I think I remember doing this for Josh when we first started dating.

Anthony Thomas Buckeyes

Last but definitely not least, Anthony Thomas Buckeyes! While I wasn’t able to eat these because of the sugar cleanse, Anthony Thomas is another brand I’m pretty familiar with, and Buckeyes are something every Ohioan grew up on! You can find these delicious, chocolate peanut butter balls at almost every event you go to, whether it’s a cookout, a tailgate party or even a family Christmas party.

I think these boxes are perfect for those who moved away and miss their home state, for people with family and friends out of town, or even those who want to experience what local vendors in their state have to offer!

My Heart Is In was so kind and offered a discount code for all of you! If you use the code NATURAL2017 at checkout, you will receive 15% off your purchase! So be sure to check out their website (and while you’re at it, go ahead and check out their Instagram, Facebook and Twitter too!)

I hope you’ve enjoyed the first post of this series! See you back here on Monday for a yummy recipe! : )



** I received this gift box for free in exchange for a review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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