Subscription Saturday: Endorfin Foods

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Welcome to the fourth week of my Subscription Saturday series! I went over the details behind this series this post! Just to refresh you, here’s a little tidbit from that post on what you should expect:

“I’ll be sharing those [gift and subscription services] that align with health or wellness in some form or another. So you’ll see a wide range of boxes that offer organic and/or natural products, that promote a healthy and active lifestyle, that support mental, spiritual or emotional wellness, that bring awareness to a good cause, and that are locally sourced and support small businesses.”

This week, I’m sharing a subscription service that’s perfect for chocolate lovers (especially dark chocolate lovers) – Endorfin Foods! Endorfin was started by Brian, a chocolate lover like most of us! Brian began his journey to creating high-quality chocolate when he experienced the taste of raw cacao beans. This experience taught Brian that the chocolate he had grown up eating was loaded with sugar and milk, and was overly processed. This “chocolate” was almost nothing like the original crop. Brian then began his journey to re-invent chocolate, eventually founding Endorfin! His mission is to introduce cacao as a highly nutritive, uplifting food.

Endorfin formulates each of their recipes using the highest quality cacao, spices and goods. Their recipes are carefully crafted to awaken your senses and to highlight each flavor. Endorfin does not roast their cacao beans, so you know your chocolate will be full of flavor and antioxidants! Endorfin uses very little (if any) sugar, dairy and soy, to ensure that they aren’t diluting the flavor or nutritional benefits of their chocolate. It’s pure, intense, delicious, and oh-so-good for the soul!

Endorfin offers many different chocolate bar flavors and three different subscription services! With their subscription service, you’re sent an assortment of crafted chocolates to your door each month. Every month, you’ll receive different freshly made chocolates that feature a balanced selection of flavors, using new origins of cacao, globally inspired and seasonal flavors, and decadent spices and ingredients. The cacao used in this chocolate is ethically traded and unroasted, and delicately paired with coconut milk and coconut sugar. All ingredients are pure and real, and their chocolate is approved for vegan, paleo and whole food diets. Their organic chocolate bars are also dairy free, gluten free, soy free, refined sugar free and GMO free.

Endorfin was so kind and sent me some of their incredible chocolate bars! I received two Hibiscus & Sea Salt bars, two Jamaican Coconut Mylk Curry bars, one Dominican Republic Single Origin Bar and four Dominican Republic Single Origin squares.

Of these flavors, I think the Jamaican Cocony Mylk Curry bar was my favorite! Although the curry flavor was much different than I expected (I expected a very robust Indian curry flavor), the subtle hint of spices was extremely well balanced with the decadent cacao. However, I absolutely loved the other chocolate flavors too!

Their chocolate has the most pure taste and you can instantly tell that you aren’t consuming a chocolate that’s filled with sugars, chemicals and unnecessary ingredients! If you don’t like dark chocolate, the bars I received may not be for you, but I would encourage any dark chocolate lover to give them a try! I think you’ll love ’em!

Check out their subscription services and chocolate on their website, and be sure to show their Instagram and Facebook some love! <3

Stay tuned for a yummy recipe featuring Endorfin Foods‘ cacao that you’ll be sure to love!



** I received this subscription service for free but all images and opinions are entirely my own.**

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